kremšnita and Samobor

When I was in Croatia I had the opportunity to be taken out of the centre of Zagreb to one of its neighbouring towns, Samobor, home of the creamy samoborska kremšnita.

If you believe in the epithet that good food is worth travelling for, then the popular dessert served here won’t disappoint you. However, that might just be the foodie inside me talking. The town had a rustic, rural atmosphere completely different to the high-rise buildings, skyscrapers and non-stop bustle from home that I was so used to. The slow pace, calm river, and overhanging willow trees made this small settlement seem less like a town and more like a preserved village completely different to the touristy capital city and coast.

Together with other exchange participants from AIESEC  we hiked our way up steep hills and through the woods towards The Old Town of Samobor. Here lies the remains of a fort from the medieval era. The Narnia-esque ruins charm us with careless beauty; I see green vines crawling up the sides of the forts and overgrown trees everywhere. Although there is little left of this castle, it is definitely worth visiting as a reminder of the history, culture and lives that have occurred in the past of this small town.

After, we hiked further up Mount Tepec, towards an unsteady observation deck (definitely something to avoid if you are afraid of heights). We climbed up the steps to find a breath-taking view of the sun setting over Samobor. In the distance we could even see the city of Zagreb. This moment will always be one of my favourite memories of my time in Croatia.


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