My All-Time Favourite Tracks

I put together a list of songs that I never get tired of. I wouldn’t say that any of these songs are particularly thought provoking or ground-breaking but each of them means something different to me. Although I constantly listen to music the music that I like sticks with me because I tend to instinctively like it. To me, music is often strongly aligned with memories and the emotions I was going through at the time.

The XX

To be honest, I would ideally include their entire first album: xx. To me, this album reminds of me late nights, bringing me memories both from home and from university. Although I don’t listen to this album all the time, I never get old of it!

If I had to pick a favourite song, it would have to be ‘Night Time’.

We Don’t Talk Anymore, Charlie Puth

There are two versions of this song that I love. The original and the cover by Jungkook. With this song, I could listen to it on repeat for an hour straight and still do the same thing the next day. For some reason it seems to match different moods that I have. It’s a sad song, but the beat and pace of the song contradict the melancholy subject. It’s definitely one of my favourite songs.

The Fellowship, The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack

Okay, so this one is a weird one. But I grew up listening to classical music whether in the house or in the car. I also grew up reading children’s fantasy literature whether it was Harry Potter or the Faraway Tree. Strangely enough I was always terrified by the Orcs in the film and to this day I have only ever read The Hobbit. Yet, this is my favourite film soundtracks to listen to.

Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap

This song has always been in my music library because my brother used to listen to The Temper Trap. However, it wasn’t until after I watched 500 Days of Summer that I really started to love this song. Although the film wasn’t particularly anything special I did love several of the songs on the soundtrack, this song being one of them. Now, this is something that I always listen to when I’m on the train or travelling. As I get motion sickness on almost every moving vehicle nowadays, this song is something that I listen to which helps me control the dizziness and nausea.

Teenage Dream, Katy Perry

This one is an odd one. Although I wouldn’t say that I am a fan of much if any of Katy Perry’s music, this song is an exception. It isn’t particularly groundbreaking in anyway or musically complex but to this day, it is the only song that I know can help me get to sleep. The nostalgia that I get when listening to this song is the only calming remedy I know when I have difficulty sleeping which is why it remains on my list.

Somebody Else, The 1975

I’m pretty sure I annoyed my flatmates to death by listening to this song on repeat for about a couple of months straight. Nowadays this song brings up a lot of memories and strangely I am still not yet sick of this song. I listen to this song less than in did in January 2017 but I still love it.

Sweater Weather, The Neighbourhood

Finally, this song brings back many many many different memories. Memories of old crushes, New York, and first year’s of university. All these memories were happy ones 🙂

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