my flatmate’s cat

i can hear the cat scratching on my flatmate’s door. her quiet ‘meow’s’ are so pitiful, I can’t help but open the door every hour to let her roam around my room. the house shakes every time a door is shut, the floorboards creak outside my room every 30 minutes. dogs bark, the cars create a constant hum interrupted only by more alarming noises of crime, emergency, accident.

my music is turned up louder in an attempt to focus my attention. distracted, all i can see around me are four lit up screens, creating a cold glow suffocating the dull light coming from the three other lamps scattered around the room. i still haven’t unpacked. i’ve opened the door so that i can hear her more clearly. the sound of her claws on the door is heartbreaking.

cooped up in that room all day while he climbs the corporate ladder… doesn’t get back till 2am… poor baby. must be so lonely.


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