it’s a sin to be numb and indifferent

it’s a sin to be numb and indifferent.

they’re boarding the train heading, single-ticket in hand, towards a fate unknown to most. we don’t know if we will ever see them again. remind you of anything? I’ve never seen something like this. there’s a rallying spirit to join and be a part of it. there’s a need to fight for human rights. there’s a need to fight for a future.

young people have died but you live.

the city moves fast. the people move fast, they even talk fast. 9 tones fit swiftly into one sentence 10 seconds long. I want to tell them to keep going, but at what expense. How can I expect them to keep putting their lives at risk, whilst I sit in a different country comfortable and safe.

is it even fair of me to care? I don’t live there. i’ve never lived there. a few time’s i’ve even gone 3 years without setting foot on hong kong land. but it’s my family, it’s my parent’s culture, and it’s still a part of me. maybe I didn’t live there, but part of my soul has always belonged there.

give me back my sau suk

booksellers are kidnapped, activists are arrested, pro-democracy politicians are disqualified.

parent’s stay at home depressed filled with anxiety. grandpas and grandmas waste away at home alone, their families unable to reach them and care for them as bricks, arrows and cannisters crowd the deserted street down below.

why should we attend classes when there is no future.

the students still stay inside. why would they try to escape when the police swarm the periphery? the windows are shattered, graffiti decorates the walls to be translated later by political journalists on twitter. maggots and flies find a temporary (or is it semi-permanent?) home, entrances are flooded and blocked… it’s a broken mess.

the future looks bleak. they fight with such valour, with such desperation for the tiny hope of a different future. always overshadowed by the monstrous inhumanity that lies on the other side.

I can’t understand how you can support them. how is it possible to defend them? celebrities post their support almost simultaneously on Weibo using the same images and the same characters. they use their public influence to speak with heteronomy instead of individuality.

how much do you have to lose in order to wake you up.

I feel despair, I feel anger, I feel sorrow, I feel disappointment. I wish I could feel hope. I wish I could care less.

it’s a sin to be numb and indifferent.


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