sweet, the skies blurry

sweet, the skies blurry

baby, it’s raining every time i open my eyes

let me write this prose about you

doesn’t everyone deserve to have poetry dedicated to them?

i remember the first poem i received,

it was 9 pages long,

filled with adolescent heartbreak and sorrow.


sweet, do you want me to write verse about you?

baby, i could write an essay about just your voice.

lets go for a car ride,

i wanna forget where i am

i wanna feel this relationship

it’s rockiness, the smoothness, it’s progression


sweet, do you know how many poem’s i’ve written about you?

baby, i have a polaroid of you treasured somewhere in my closet.

the anxiety is still there,

you only have only one hand on the wheel

but nothing could make me let go of your hand.


sweet, do you want me to utter those three words every day?

baby, i wish you knew how hard i fell for you.

someone once told me that words lose

meaning. but


sweet, you’re the only person,

baby, you’re the only one i’ve ever loved.

1 thought on “sweet, the skies blurry”

  1. “doesn’t everyone deserve to have poetry dedicated to them?” I’ve been writing poetry for people, for things, for beings, for 10 years. I’m still waiting for one to be written for me. 🙂
    Also, the first poem that I wrote for someone was a 9 pages long love poem. I was 13 years old. When I read that part in the first stanza of your poem, I couldn’t help but comment this. You got my follow. Keep writing, please. ❤


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