i’ve been caught in a whirlwind, i’m spinning so fast, i’m so far off the ground. i’ve been swept away. money, responsibility, excitement, happiness, simplicity swirls around me picked up by the ferocious winds. 

i’ve separated body and mind, left my limbs limp, so that nature may take control. my mind jumps quickly from one thing to another, one minute warped by darkness, the next minute a rosy hysteria. i watch my thoughts spin round and round in this tornado. i watch myself fall and break and rise once more. 

i’ve let them kiss my neck, felt their tongue run down my body. i’ve let them whisper in my ear, i’ve heard them cry out my name. i want more but i can’t.

i’ve separated body and mind. my feelings trapped in the tornado. i love you, as a friend. she utters quietly as he leaves. he doesn’t turn around as he walks away.

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