she’s been in a one-man conversation for a while now. she doesn’t want to keep beginning and ending each conversation… so instead, when the months of silence go on, little does he know that she has kept a whole dialogue running between them.

she wants to stop this whole charade, but she can’t help but convince herself to believe in this fantasy. honestly she needs nothing more than to remove him from her life. or have him confess to her in an email, a letter, skywriting so that she can stop daydreaming and setting unrealistic expectations.

she’s tired of getting drunk and picking fights with a screen.

she’s too impulsive. just a couple of conversations and the mouse is already hovering over a set of plane tickets. where skyscrapers search for space and people search for their dusty dreams.

one smile, two looks, three meaningful words.


she needs him to burst her bubble. to stop her from creating worlds, sharing languages and believing that one day it won’t just be a one-sided dialogue.

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