somewhere only we know

today i dipped my feet into the stream that runs at the bottom of my garden. the water was so cold, but it was okay because the sun puddled around my ankles. the fish felt the disturbance and steered clear.

i sank into the abundance of pebbles below me. i let the water run around me, hitting the curvatures at my feet as i lay in resistance to the flow. it was peaceful and good.

im often so tired of all that surrounds me.

today i walked in contrary circles around my own ego. do you often find yourself in that paradox? where you yearn for that connection but also use all means possible to avoid it?

today two little boys stood at my feet, picking up rocks, interrupting my quiet disposition. i lay still and observed them. one smiled at me adoringly, laughing as he tickled my toes. the other solemnly placed down his bucket and adjoining his feet with mine, lay opposite me in the water.

smiling, i looked back to the clouds in the sky, content at the company surrounding me.

in this creek, i hide away from the world, letting only the faeries, nymphs and babes in. my make-belief world is my shelter, safety and secret.

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