primrose hill

how long does it take to forget someone?

i’ve lost the ability to write anymore, and i don’t know why. lately, i’ve been so scared. scared of the person i am, scared of the person i will be and how i hurt the people around me.

i can run. im good at running. i run away from reality, chasing this ephemeral fantasy which i know doesn’t exist.

how do i align my detachment and my coldness with the warmth of this dream? with the warmth that burns the path ahead? he tells me im a dreamer and i know that i am.

but it hinders me.

i dream of forgotten moments, whispered secrets, flowers sent to my door, smiles, laughs, kisses, goodbyes.

we forget them all in the end. these fleeting moments.

how do i wake up from this dream im in? im so tired of being stuck in my fucking tower. falling fast in love with a reverie.

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