i can hear spring approaching

i can hear spring approaching. it’s smiling at me from behind the glass. her breath fogs up the glass in excitement.

sighs of relief are heard around me as we stand still in a row that stretches as far as i can see. the wait is almost over. but when we look behind us, winter continues to stalk, to creep behind us in soft pursuit.

the ground is still a desert. but the cracks have grown wider each day. and between them i hear the creatures hiss amongst themselves with impatience.

i stand hand in hand with two others. we feel as one, we breath as one, we sigh as one.

hands touching i feel nothing yet. the cold maintains its grip. the mountainous peaks continue to cast their shadows.

we continue to feel the sharp whip of whispers of longing and sorrow. they sting our eyelids. we shut our eyes.

unconsciously i’ve drawn them closer to me. i can sense their shapeless figures, hear their formless bodies.


eyes wide open. my gaze fixes upon spring. i am lonely. i am lost. i am hopeful.

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