she's been in a one-man conversation for a while now. she doesn't want to keep beginning and ending each conversation... so instead, when the months of silence go on, little does he know that she has kept a whole dialogue running between them. she wants to stop this whole charade, but she can't help but… Continue reading dialogue

here to stay

more misleading words could not have been selected. smile once more at me laugh in the way which you'd forgotten i've been waiting for the flower to bloom instead the bubbles swelled and burst. another lace dress wasted. feel my breath upon your cheek. instead of moving further away, i'm going to wait, wait... i'm… Continue reading here to stay


i've been caught in a whirlwind, i'm spinning so fast, i'm so far off the ground. i've been swept away. money, responsibility, excitement, happiness, simplicity swirls around me picked up by the ferocious winds.  i've separated body and mind, left my limbs limp, so that nature may take control. my mind jumps quickly from one… Continue reading tornado