once again

outside there's a storm. even though the house sits on top of the hill i can no longer see the lights in the valley below. sitting in the dark with the curtains wide open i curl in the armchair and vacantly gaze into the vastness below. currently there's nothing to look forward to so my… Continue reading once again


i woke up to the sound of my mother receiving a phonecall in the early morning. their room is on the opposite side of the house but for some reason my whole body jolted awake. in the next moment i hear a cry outloud, mournful in it's tone. a conversation continues. instantly, i get a… Continue reading popo


i look over at the sun. it's heating up my room, leaving me to broil in drowsy comfort. in the background, my father's voice gradually swells, repetitively battling with his duty to his students and slow understanding of technology. in the corner of my eye i see the medicine sitting on my desk. it peeks… Continue reading healing