social a n x i e t y

don't expect anything anymore. don't look them in the eye. don't get your hopes up. you can feel pretty, but deep down you know they only see the flaws. how does my smile seem more genuine? has anyone ever written a manual on how to have fun? remember how you used to hide? i once… Continue reading social a n x i e t y

a letter to columbia

breathe. it's only another day. inhale. exhale.   inhale. i see a seat. i see an opportunity. but if i sit i'll never get back. in h a l e. it's freaking cold. damn. her song blasts over the engines. it's a heartbreaking song. a peach was bruised awfully bad. it's what happens when you don't… Continue reading a letter to columbia

Growing up British Chinese

Each year around Halloween, the issue of identity and race is thrown into the forefront of my mind with the same questions racing around my head. How can I create a convincing costume when the costumes I want to wear all look more "authentic" on someone who's white? Origins Growing up in the north of… Continue reading Growing up British Chinese

An Opinionated Piece on Arcades in London

As one of the biggest locations for youth culture within London it is surprising that there are only two arcades in Central London: Namco, and Las Vegas Arcade. NAMCO If you're into Pacman, Dodgems, Laser mazes, and virtual reality games then Namco is the one for you. Located on Southbank, Namco is the bigger arcade… Continue reading An Opinionated Piece on Arcades in London