She took him to the same place she took you,Dim lights, incense, cushions,Where she sat shy in front of another couple,Too busy exploring lips to notice her gaze, On the way home she thought back to that night,Whispered almost secrets,The night she went home smiling,You dressed in black,She smiled at the simplicity,Drawn to your open,… Continue reading vauxhall

to be a woman

to be honest i hadn't thought about my bad experiences with men in a long time. i'd removed the really bad from my brain and left myself with the just the bad. i remember hardly anything from my trip to Slovakia in January 2019, except for that one evening when a colleague, manipulated me into… Continue reading to be a woman


i look over at the sun. it's heating up my room, leaving me to broil in drowsy comfort. in the background, my father's voice gradually swells, repetitively battling with his duty to his students and slow understanding of technology. in the corner of my eye i see the medicine sitting on my desk. it peeks… Continue reading healing

sweet, the skies blurry

sweet, the skies blurry baby, it's raining every time i open my eyes let me write this prose about you doesn't everyone deserve to have poetry dedicated to them? i remember the first poem i received, it was 9 pages long, filled with adolescent heartbreak and sorrow.   sweet, do you want me to write verse… Continue reading sweet, the skies blurry