social a n x i e t y

don't expect anything anymore. don't look them in the eye. don't get your hopes up. you can feel pretty, but deep down you know they only see the flaws. how does my smile seem more genuine? has anyone ever written a manual on how to have fun? remember how you used to hide? i once… Continue reading social a n x i e t y

when they left

when they left, he was left with the kind of sadness that only teenagers could understand. an intense loneliness that crept up on him on his commute home from work. he found there was no way past it, he could wrap himself up a fantasy, in an imagined world brighter and quieter than the greyness… Continue reading when they left

Growing up British Chinese

Each year around Halloween, the issue of identity and race is thrown into the forefront of my mind with the same questions racing around my head. How can I create a convincing costume when the costumes I want to wear all look more "authentic" on someone who's white? Origins Growing up in the north of… Continue reading Growing up British Chinese