broken daydream

it broke her heart to know that he felt this way. she'd been through something like this before, and like last time, she felt helpless. she knew more about what he was going through this time round. but she was unable to comfort him in the way that he needed. she felt angry at the… Continue reading broken daydream

mental health-

*TW- discussion of depressive episodes* this blog is a way for me to talk things out. i always want to talk to the people around me about how i'm feeling but nearly always find myself unable to fully express myself. i constantly fear being seen as attention seeking, overdramatic, and self-centred. the start  i don't… Continue reading mental health-

when they left

when they left, he was left with the kind of sadness that only teenagers could understand. an intense loneliness that crept up on him on his commute home from work. he found there was no way past it, he could wrap himself up a fantasy, in an imagined world brighter and quieter than the greyness… Continue reading when they left