the mill

the room's dimmed to a buzz, as the volume inches louder and louder she starts to rise from her seat. the fake candles rise up into rings that fall down one by one around her. she's stood up now and it's not enough. slowly, beat by beat, she climbs up onto the table. eyes closed,… Continue reading the mill

somewhere only we know

today i dipped my feet into the stream that runs at the bottom of my garden. the water was so cold, but it was okay because the sun puddled around my ankles. the fish felt the disturbance and steered clear. i sank into the abundance of pebbles below me. i let the water run around… Continue reading somewhere only we know

sweet, the skies blurry

sweet, the skies blurry baby, it's raining every time i open my eyes let me write this prose about you doesn't everyone deserve to have poetry dedicated to them? i remember the first poem i received, it was 9 pages long, filled with adolescent heartbreak and sorrow.   sweet, do you want me to write verse… Continue reading sweet, the skies blurry

when they left

when they left, he was left with the kind of sadness that only teenagers could understand. an intense loneliness that crept up on him on his commute home from work. he found there was no way past it, he could wrap himself up a fantasy, in an imagined world brighter and quieter than the greyness… Continue reading when they left