bēlua verbōrum

oh, defiant philomela my tongue has been cut off mouth gapes wide open, only strangled noises emerge.   she cries, 'still my revenge shall take its proper time' yet, this anger is not part of me this is not the result of some angry, violent hateful act this is just me.        


to be lost in paradise instead of palm trees and sunshine we see only each other we are each other's paradise you find comfort in me you are everything to me bubbles of colours replace the sky   there are no roads no paths we don't need one all journeys start and end with each… Continue reading paradise

when they left

when they left, he was left with the kind of sadness that only teenagers could understand. an intense loneliness that crept up on him on his commute home from work. he found there was no way past it, he could wrap himself up a fantasy, in an imagined world brighter and quieter than the greyness… Continue reading when they left