tonight i'm feeling rosy, i think it has something to do with him, i don't really want to have to think about him but, because he's made me feel something i haven't felt in a while, i'll let it pass. i wish i were a quilt, shielding them from their darkest thoughts, i wish i… Continue reading rosy

bēlua verbōrum

oh, defiant philomela my tongue has been cut off mouth gapes wide open, only strangled noises emerge.   she cries, 'still my revenge shall take its proper time' yet, this anger is not part of me this is not the result of some angry, violent hateful act this is just me.        

a letter to columbia

breathe. it's only another day. inhale. exhale.   inhale. i see a seat. i see an opportunity. but if i sit i'll never get back. in h a l e. it's freaking cold. damn. her song blasts over the engines. it's a heartbreaking song. a peach was bruised awfully bad. it's what happens when you don't… Continue reading a letter to columbia

Growing up British Chinese

Each year around Halloween, the issue of identity and race is thrown into the forefront of my mind with the same questions racing around my head. How can I create a convincing costume when the costumes I want to wear all look more "authentic" on someone who's white? Origins Growing up in the north of… Continue reading Growing up British Chinese