what a bummer

two can play at this game- a mantra he carries with him. you kick me i'll kick you back. harder. bite me slowly. till blood's been drawn. make this hurt more than it needs to. they were vulnerable. but the heart was only worn on the edge of the sleeve. whilst i hid mine deep… Continue reading what a bummer

this fragile thing

i hold this fragile thing in my hands. my cupped hands barely contain it, as it spills out from either side. i've steadied myself to control the momentum. biting my lips, i draw blood. i'm rocking the theoretical boat, and regretting each push and shove. it's already escaping in the cracks between my fingers. it… Continue reading this fragile thing

i listen to the sound of you falling asleep

i listen to the sound of you falling asleep. in harmonious accompaniment with the morning birds. shy smiles, biting fingernails. the distance between us feels too great. come here, closer, so that i can rest my head on your chest. so i can walk my fingers north up the magenta line tracing back to conversations… Continue reading i listen to the sound of you falling asleep


She took him to the same place she took you,Dim lights, incense, cushions,Where she sat shy in front of another couple,Too busy exploring lips to notice her gaze, On the way home she thought back to that night,Whispered almost secrets,The night she went home smiling,You dressed in black,She smiled at the simplicity,Drawn to your open,… Continue reading vauxhall